Mountain House Shuffle

This was supposed to be a day trip to Powell Hut but stink weather conspired against us and it ended up being a leisurely stroll up the Gentle Annie to Mountain House and then down to Atiwhakatu Stream and back to the carpark.

The Gentle Annie track to Mountain House is a highway. Mountain HeezieIt was packed. A lot of people coming down from Powell having spent the long weekend there.

Note to self: stay out of Holdsworth area on long weekends.

Stuff we learned on this trip: 

Walking poles are ace: Rich had a couple and they are pretty choice.

Lightweight is king: walking with no weight is so much more fun than carrying epic packs.

Richidity is key: make sure you stay clenched through the buttocks and core, but not too clenched. Keep your Richidity under control!

Rocky Lookout View The view from Rocky Lookout is pretty sweet – back down to the road end and out to Masterton.

Signposted times are pretty generous. We did the whole loop in 3.5 hours including stops.



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